Coach Harris is a full time coach for San Diego Sol. Harris is our Camps and Clinics Director and has a passion for skill development training working with players at all levels on work ethic, confidence, mental aspects towards the game, guard development, and post development.

I have been with Coach Harris for several years. Coach Harris has helped me significantly improve my all around skills in my game but especially with my shooting, dribbling, and play-making abilities. He pushes me to be my very best and give my maximum effort every single time.
Jason Xie
Coach Harris has been individually training my children for 10 years. He is absolutely one of the best trainers in San Diego. He focuses on the fundamental aspects of being a great player and shows them how be a well rounded, positionless basketball player. He teaches shooting, ball handling, defense, and basketball I.Q. He instills incredible work ethic and pushes his players to be the best they can be both on and off the court. Part of the reason my children have been so successful on the court and love basketball so much is because of Coach Harris.

Cristina Campisano
Mom of Sierra Campisano (division 1 b-ball player) and Diego Campisano (Junior on Torrey Pines Varsity)

Sierra Campisano
Training with Coach Harris transformed my game from a role player to a resourceful point guard with many tools in my toolbox. I trained with him every day for two and a half years and while he drastically improved my skills, he also was and still is a great mentor and was my biggest believer on the basketball court pushing me and encouraging me constantly. When other coaches doubted me and my abilities, Coach Harris believed in me and gave me the confidence I once lacked. He pushes you to your limits and knows how to cater to your strengths while improving your weaknesses. Basketball aside, he still inspires me to this day.
Courtney Krysl
Coach Harris positively impacted my life in so many ways. He always pushed me to be the best that I could be. I learned so much about the game of basketball from him. He invested his time, energy, and knowledge in me and instilled a confidence in me I was struggling to find as a young woman. I became not only a better basketball player from him, but a better person as well. I am blessed to have known him.
Mariam Zabinsky
Coach Harris is professional, knowledgable, dependable and pushes you to train hard to get the most out of you and customized the workout routines to fit my specific needs. He is a consummate teacher who satisfied the skillset and training I needed to become a better player. I’m grateful for all that he taught me throughout the years and his constant support in my collegiate and adult years. He was attentive to my needs and continued to provide me with a challenging training program. Coach Harris’s supportive and motivating style of coaching encouraged me to improve my abilities and pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of doing. I enjoyed my workouts with Coach Harris because he kept me focused on what I needed to work on. He forced me to work on areas that I lacked in order to progress for the next season. I always look forward to coming home for the summer to start my work outs with Coach Harris.
Cheyanne Payne
I would highly recommend Coach Spatticus Harris of San Diego Sol for private basketball training sessions. Our son, Ben, has worked with Coach Harris to help develop his shooting skills. When Ben first started with Coach Harris, he was new to basketball and truly had no shot. Coach Harris worked with Ben meticulously on his mechanics and form to teach him how to become a true and pure shooter. Not only does Coach Harris work on the physical aspects of shooting, but he also works with Ben on his mental approach to attitude and consistency. Coach Harris knows how to connect with his students to get the best results including creating individualized drills to force improvement. We are certain that Ben would not be the all-around player he is today, if not for Coach Harris and his methods and teaching skill.
Neil & Megan Goldfarb

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